Seafood lunch on New Year Day (1 Jan., 2012)

Dear Participant

Thanks to Daniel, Henry and Caesar we have a consensus and a program.

Lunch will be at the Country Club Cheung Chau at 1 pm. Country Club restaurant is very close to the Cheung Chau ferry pier with a walking distance of less than two minutes – and for Caesar (who is a real gourmet as we had tried the dishes prepared by his wife Paulina in their house earlier this month) to follow up on the booking of tables and ordering of fish.

We have also organized a visit to the Jesuit Missionary at noon followed by lunch. We will be greeted by Father Tong for about half an hour tour. The walk will take 30 min. walk to reach the missionary from the pier and another 30 min. walk back to the Country Club restaurant near the pier

For those joining to the visit missionary please meet at 10:45am at Central Pier No. 5 for the 11:00 am ferry (fast one). Thomas Ng and Daniel will lead the group.

For those joining the lunch only please meet at 11:45am at Central Pier No. 5 for the 11:00 am ferry (fast one). Henry Tong will lead the lunch group.

I would appreciate some indication from you on who will join which group. A: missionary+lunch or B: lunch only.

Based on the latest responses received, I have updated the enrolment list as follows:
Thomas NG (4) : Thomas, Theresa, David & Andrew
Daniel MAK (1) : Daniel
Philip KWOK (4) : Philip, Stella, Monica & Eric
SO Chung Wai (5) : Chung Wai, Maranda, Sin-ting, Ching Sing & Jing Wen
Henry TONG (4) : Henry, Joanna, Andrew & Agnes
Patrick CHAN (2) : Patrick & Rhonda
LAU Tai Chu (2) : Tai Chu & Edna
Caesar CHAN (2) : Caesar & Paulina
Sydney CHUNG (2) : Sydney & Anne
Ernie TSUI (1) : Ernie
Alfred LAU (1) : Alfred
IP Fuk Wah (1) : Fuk Gor
Total to-date: still (29)

Thomas Ng

29 Dec 2011