1. Recommendation from Fr. Deignan, S.J.

I am very happy to hear of this meaningful initiative of service to the deprived students of Tin Sui Wai organized by Daniel Mak , This is a wonderful way to express our love and care for others in a very practical way .

Wah Yan spirit is a spirit of service of those in need. I am sure the students will greatly benefit and also all who volunteer to help. Love is always shared.

This meaningful project has my full support and I hope there will be many generous volunteers

Fr. Alfred J. Deignan S.J.

  1. Recommendation from Fr Stephen Chow, S.J.

Dear Daniel,

Your proposed project to help the underprivileged students in Tin Sui Wai is laudable. I have always wanted to encourage our alumni to live out the ‘Men for and with Others’ spirit in our society employing our own excellent competencies. It is not necessary to use the name Wah Yan in order to provide your free services. As long as that the beneficiaries of your project can come to know who you are and why you are offering the services should be a powerful witness for what we stand for. Please be assured of my prayers and blessings for the abundant fruitfulness in the project. May you be blessed with more volunteers from our fellow alumni. And may you make a difference in the lives of your students! For education is more than academic results but the formation of a person!

Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J.

  1. Recommendation from Mr Warren Chung, Principal of WYK

“The heritage of Wah Yan is the education of love: at Wah Yan, we learn to be loved and to love and serve. “Men for and with others” is our spirit and our mission is to nurture leaders who have the competence, commitment and compassion to serve others, especially the needy and the poor. The project to provide free tutorial lessons to under-privileged kids in Tin Shui Wai is exactly a project to help the poor and the neglected and I am more than eager to support it so that we can live out the spirit of Wah Yan and serve the kids in need.”

Warren Chung
Wah Yan College, Kowloon

4.  Recommendation from Dr So Ying-Lun, Principal of WYHK

A key part of the vision of Jesuit Education at Wah Yan is to nurture our students into gentlemen “… with a universal heart contributing to the welfare and happiness of all, in particular the poor and the neglected.” It is thus heartwarming to know that a group of alumni from the class of 1971 (WYHK) have decided to devote their time and effort into providing volunteer tutorial services to the underprivileged secondary school students in Tin Shui Wai. If you have time and share similar concerns for those in need in the area, please seriously consider joining this noble and meaningful venture. It promises to be a life changing experience – for the kids, and probably for you too!

Dr So Ying-lun
Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

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