Main Program

Main Program


I. 3 + 4 days Event Celebration:
Day 1: (Fri) Nov. 11 —- pre-union — Outing to Cheung Chau Island, hiking and fresh seafood enjoying ( 8:30am – 3:00pm )

Day 2: (Sat) Nov. 12 — the big day — Reunion at Wah Yan ( 2:30pm – 9:10pm )

Venue: Student Activity Centre, 5/F, The New Annex, Wah Yan College Hong Kong
For details of run down please click “Reunion Day” sidebar
Activities during the day will be videoed and photo taken for individuals/groups and these will be edited into a DVD and sent to each classmate afterwards for their memory.

Day 3: (Sun) Nov. 13 — more reunion — Hiking and BBQ ( in private place ) in 大美督 countryside ( 11:30am – 10:00pm )
Day 4 – Day 6: (Mon-Wed) Nov. 14-16 — extended fun — Gourmet Tour to Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Shunde. Optional 1 day tour to Macau only available.

Day 7: (Thu) Nov. 17 — extended fun — Golf Tourment in the a.m. at Kau Sai Chau, Sai Kung

II. Souvenir:
* A WYPSA ( Wah Yan Past Student Association ) tie ( new version, being narrower ) to wear in that evening and for collection
* a “Impression. School Hall 1955-2011” folder as memory of the school hall
* a DVD for all the actions of the reunion and valuable old/new photos of classmates. DVD will be mailed out to individual about 1 week after the event.

* a small triangular flag for the event

III. Guests invited:
We have invited the Wah Yan fathers and teachers to our reunion:

Fr. Deignan, S.J.
Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J.; supervisor of Wah Yan College Hong Kong
Mr. Martin Ho; assistant principal of Wah Yan College Hong Kong
Ms. Lownand Cissy

Mr. Chau Siu-hay

Mr. Wong Chung-tai ( accompanied by daughter Ms. Rosa Wong )

Mr. Chen P.Y.

Mr. Cheung Man-sun

Mr. Fung Kam-sang

Mr. Lee Kwok-pui, Vincent

Mr. Lee Mou-chee

Mr. Geoffrey Leung

and Mr. Raymond Yu, Chairman of WYPSA


IV. Dress code: ( on the event day Nov. 12 )
* Informal ( shirt and tie ) with the same WYPSA tie ( will be handed out to classmates upon arriving the venue )
* For ladies and family, informal or casual

V. Enrollment Fee:
* Enrollment fee per classmate is HK$1,800. and $1,000 for spouse and family ( each )
* Enrollment fee includes all expenses on main event day in Wah Yan and souvenir to each classmate
* Enrollment fee does not include any extra activities listed
– expenses for Cheung Chau outing: about HK$300 ( for seafood lunch ) plus ferry charges under around HK$50
– expenses for BBQ: about HK$300 including transportation ( not including lunch )
*Participant for both activities will be charged as per actual and pay on the event day. No fee pre-collection required.
– expenses for 3 day Gourmet Tour HK$3,300 and 1 day tour ( Macau only ) $1,200.

for 3 day tour requiring a single room, $3,900.

– expenses for Golf please contact Peter Lo


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