20140411 Training Session for Tutors 「英語樂繽 FUN」 課後 小 組補 課 計劃


11/4/2015  10-12 noon training session
Part A

10-10:45am(to be confirmed)
Teaching skills


Part B
11:00-12:00noon(Janice Li)
– Adolescents characters & skills in relating with them
– SEN handling skills

11/4/2015  2:00-3:30pm opening ceremony
1.  Introduction (about the project) (Janice li) 3 mins
2.  Opening speech by each cooperating parties 10 mins
3.  Breaking the ice games (Janice li)  30 mins
4.  Sharing
平凡中的不平凡(Mr Caesar Chan) 15 mins

5.  Rules and regulation. 15 mins
Class & grouping (introducing tutors)
Awards scheme
6.  Share by Janice li (10 mins)
7.  Round up (10mins)
8.  Refreshment

11/4/2015 Tutorial for KL class  4:00  -5:00pm

Location Map: Directions to Caritas and Pui Shing Catholic Secondary School

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