Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Can I enroll for the dinners later?
A. It will help with our planning if you enroll now so that the place we reserve is large enough to hold everyone. If you later become unavailable, please let us know soonest. However, if you decide to enroll later and we run out of space, we may have to decline your enrollment.

Q2. Can we have the full address of the venues since we do not know the places well?
A. You will be informed of the full name and address of the venues (in Chinese as well) when they are confirmed so that you can Google map them, if needed.

Q3. Can you supply veg. menu for all meals including those in the China trip?
A. We shall try to meet your requirement if you let us know in the enrollment form that you are sensitive to any food, e.g. whole lamb dinner in the China trip.


Q1. Is the itinerary confirmed or still subject to change?
A. Roughly the same itinerary will be followed but after the no. of participants is known, we’ll further negotiate with the tour operator to improve it and get a better deal.

Q2. Why do we stay only one night at a hot spring hotel in Shao Quan and not two?
A. The hot spring hotel is isolated within the mountain and far away from town centre. It is therefore better to stay another night near the town to see more of it and other places. However, ample time will be spared for participants to enjoy the hot spring.

Q3. What if I wish to withdraw before the tour starts? Any refund?
A. That is where insurance comes in. After we have paid deposit to the tour operator, it will not be possible to have any refund. You can, however, put up a claim to your insurer, if that is covered. To protect your interest, you are reminded to purchase insurance to meet your own requirement.

Q4. Can I just join only the SZ part of the trip?
A. No problem. We’ll let you know where to wait for the main party in SZ  in the evening of Mon. 11 Nov. or morning of 12 Nov.

Q5. Is the SZ trip organized by a tour operator?
A. According to HK law, no one except a licensed tour operator can organize a tour. Since SZ is so near to HK and local classmates are so familiar with the place, we decide NOT to engage an operator. We are therefore going on our own risk in the same manner as a class picnic while we were studying in junior form at Wah Yan , but you are also paying less than a regular tour and no tips are required. Being volunteers, members of the working committee will therefore not be responsible for any claim for loss, damage or injury arising from the entire trip. That is also the reason why you need to purchase your own insurance.

Q6. Can we purchase a group insurance to cover everyone for the entire trip since it is less expensive?A. Yes, we can do that but as many classmates have their own insurance coverage and the amount of coverage required differs with each individual, the purchase of a group insurance may not only fail to meet individual need but surplus to individual requirement, thus money wasting. It is therefore only fair for every participant to take care of his own insurance need.

Q7. Where are we going to have dinner on the third day?
A. We plan to have dinner on the third day in SZ. Classmates who opt to join the one night and one day optional tour can join the main group at SZ and have dinner together. They will be informed of the location of the rest later..

Q8. Do I have any obligation/duty to discharge?
A. No, apart from making your own insurance coverage for the trip. While not an obligation, we need some volunteers each to take along no more than two bottles of wine donated by Andrew Ng for the enjoyment of the entire group during the trip. If you intend to join the China trip and are willing to help, please let any of our committee members know. ( A8. Amended on  2 Aug.)



Q1. Do I have to be 60 to join the celebrations?
A. Long as you are a classmate, you are welcome. No age limit. Your can also take along your wife, kids, S-I-Ls, D-I-Ls, M-I-L, or even grandsons or granddaughters.

Q2. Will participants be supplied with further info. about the trip and dinners?
A. Further newsletters will be published as the need arises to inform participants of progress.

Q3. How will surplus fund be handled?
A. It is our intention to refund all money left behind. However, as the remaining sum is expected to be small, some classmates have proposed to use it for establishing a General Fund for the common good of WYHK Class 1971, like paying for small donations or anniversary advertisements sought by the school, wreath for teacher or classmate, congrat. card/gift to single classmates who are getting married, etc. Participants are requested to indicate in the appropriate entry of the enrollment form whether they support this proposal.


[Last udpate: A8. Amended on 20130802, First published on 20130730]

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