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This Website is set up to facilitate communication among classmates of our Wah Yan College Hong Kong Class 1971 Alumni. 

Our Website address: http://www.wahyanhk1971.org

40th Year Anniversary Reunion website (Revamped on 20211112)
(Original: https://sites.google.com/site/wyhk1971, 
We have lost many photos albums built on Google Picasa)


Owing to too many spams received, all.wahyan.net service of has been suspended until further notice.

About All.wahyan.net
We have helped setting up an unofficial Wah Yan Alumni Website  to facilitate communication or collaborations among Wahyanites (including schoolmates, Jesuit Fathers and Brothers, and teachers of Wah Yan HK and Kowloon). Feel free to participate in our community for a better world!

Wah Yan webmasters, alumni chairmen and volunteers are most welcome to help in this long march quest.

Our Website address: 


 [Last update: 20211112, 11 Sept 2014.]

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