Reunion Day

Program of the Reunion Day:

Date: Nov. 12, 2011 ( Saturday )
Venue: Wah Yan College, Hong Kong
Time 2:30pm – 9:30pm
Activities see your good old buddies as well as long lost classmates
chat and do whatever you like with them
go back to the memories in 1965 to 1971 in Wah Yan
What we have for you to remember the good old school time:
– some old photos in Wah Yan
– bios of classmates

Rundown: ( all time in p.m. )
The activities from 2:30 to end of party ( around 9:30 ) will be video taped and photographed by the Wah Yan TV/Video and Photographic teams and edited onto a DVD for dispatching to all classmates for their memory.

2:30 Reunion starts

Classmate/family and guest/teachers upon arriving will be greeted by our Guest Ambassador Agnes Tong at the reception counter. They will be requested to sign on the Guest Book and given a Name Tag. Classmates will also be given a WYPSA Tie as a souvenir and for wearing during the day. For teachers and guests a Chest Flower will also be given.

signed Guest Book for reunion day attached ( Nov. 22 )

* from 2:30 to 6:00 classmates can take small group photo, like with their Form 1 classmates, their Form 5 form master …, We have a photo board placed at the side of the lawn for this purpose ( see attachment )

3:30 Wah Yan Quartet plays music at lawn until 6:00

– quartet will stop playing from 4:00 until mass finishes.

– quartet will stop playing when no one is around at the lawn.

4:00 * Mass at chapel ( duration about 45 minutes )

* Reception ( snack and drink ) starts, served until 6:00

* For those not attending the mass can start enjoying the snack and drinks

5:30 Group photo taken: ( about 10 minutes ) – only 4 group photos are scheduled to be taken due to time limitation. Photo will be taken on the playground right at the chapel.

– 1st picture: ALL classmates and family and VIP/Guest/teachers ( 116 people )

– 2nd picture: ALL classmates and VIP/Guest/teachers ( 81 people )

– 3rd picture: ALL classmates only ( 67 people )

– 4th picture: ALL OC members ( 18 people )

6:00 Reception Counter closed.
– All go up to SAC 5/F for dinner and sit as pre-arranged
– VIP/Guest and teachers will be escorted by table host to take the elevator to the SAC first, followed by the other classmates with spouse, then the single classmates

6:30 Reunion Dinner starts. ALL stand up to sing School Song ( Choir on stage ).

6:35 Fr. Stephen Chow gives speech ( about 5 minutes )

6:40 Fr. Deignan gives speech ( about 5 minutes )

6:45 Mr. Martin Ho, Assistant Principal of WYHK, gives speech ( about 5 minutes )

6:55 Our little mini choirs sings 2 songs:-
– 龍的傳人
– 千個太陽

While singing these songs Daniel Mak will present some flower to the teacher c/o Cissy

7:03 Our good old classmate Francis Hung will perform solo:-
– 朋友 ( 周華健 version )

7:08 A short video prepared by Ms. Helen Lee in Toronto will be shown on the screen.
At the same time, Agnes Tong, our Guest Ambassador, will hand out a rose to each spouse in all 10 tables.

7:16 Fr. Deignan say Grace before dinner

7:18 Dinner starts

Old photo from classmates and teachers will be displayed on screen until 8:18

8:18 after finishing main course, there will be additional entertainments
– Camillus Chan will give a faculty roast
– musical performance by mysterious guest

8:48 Wine auction starts. ( hosted by Lau Tai-chu )

9:00 More songs by choir:-
– 朋友 (Alan Tam version)
– 友誼萬歲

9:08 Mr. Raymond Yu ( Chairman of WYPSA ) gives a short speech about WYPSA

9:13 Our good old classmate Cheng Lap-yan gives a short announcement on IC2012

9:18 Daniel Mak gives short speech thanking all VIP, Guest, classmates and family for coming

9:23 End of dinner

All OCs will shake hands with all guest/classmates/family leaving. The 2nd souvenir, the Folders “Impressions . School Hall 1955 -2011” and 3rd souvenir, the triangular small flag, will be handed by our Guest Ambassador Agnes Tong to each classmate upon their leaving

                              See you in 2016 or sooner!!!

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