20130701 Monthly Gathering for July

Dear classmates ,

Following the success of our June lunch gathering in which we have been able to welcome a few classmates who seldom appeared (like Lam Bun, Peter), I write to invite you to attend our coming lunch gathering at noon on Sat13 July at the Chinese Rest. of the Police Officers’ Club in Causeway Bay. The table is booked by Chan Wah Shing, Caesar.
If you want to join, please email me with copy to Caesar (to whom this email is addressed) before 10 July so that suitable table arrangement can be made.

Thanks to Caesar, the same place has been tentatively reserved for our 60th birthday party on 8 Nov. and we’ll take the opportunity to evaluate its suitability. (The Wah Yan Old Boys’ Assn. once used this venue to organize a birthday party for Father Deignan and our class fielded one table.) If you have other suitable venues, we can use it for our Aug. gathering for the same purpose. So, please let me know your other proposals and come to this gathering to help us evaluate the place.
Fyi, we are also evaluating the Nov. travel package supplied by several tour operators and will provide you with the details and costs soon.

Daniel Mak
1 Jul 2013

(forwarded by AK)