2014 Yunnan Trip

Things to note regarding departure from HK

Departure Assembly Venue and Time
May I repeat again that we are to meet at the HK Express Counter at Row N of Terminal 2 (I repeat Terminal 2, not 1, where most travelers go) at 7:05 a.m. of Date of Departure.  A Hong Thai rep. will be there to hand you the boarding pass and help you to check in. Pls make sure you take along your Home Return Permit which you have declared to use at the start to collect your air-ticket. If you cannot find the counter or will be late (but don’t be too late pls.), call me at 67079653 so that I’ll wait for you.

Eat Breakfast
Pl. try to have a full breakfast before you come or come punctually and have a breakfast after you have checked in since no free snack/lunch will be served on board. There are plenty eateries in Terminal 2 for you to choose from. It will not be until at least 1:30 pm when lunch will be served though light snacks will be available after we deplane in Kunming and are on the way to lunch.

You only have a checked luggage allowance of 20 kg. plus a carry-on bag and therefore pl. leave sufficient space for what you have ordered/are going to buy and carry home. If you have not placed an order for any bulk purchase items, pl. do so early to avoid disappointment.

Warm and Layered Clothing
It is winter in Yunnan in Nov. and therefore you should bring along some warm and layered clothes. There may also be rain or snow and therefore wear a pair of non-slippery shoes please. An acrylic hat with our trip logo will also be given to each participants to cover your head and ears. The hat and diamos will be distributed at the buffet dinner on 6 Nov. at WYHK but if you are unable to come then, call me next week onward to fix a time and place for collection. Or you can collect them at the HK Airport on date of departure or in Shangri-la on the following day.

There are plenty of activities at the Lodges (see link below) apart from hiking which Thomas has given you all some details. Pls let Thomas know when you are in Shangri-la and Meili your preference so that the selected activities can be arranged.


If you have any Q., pl. call or email me. Hope to see you at the
buffet dinner, and if not, the HK Airport or Shangri-la.

Daniel Mak, 20141023



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