20150928 Helen Ho’s message forwarded by Simon Tam

Happy Moon Festival  (or Happy Moon-chasing) to everyone!

Whether in Asia, in Australia, or North America, we Wahyanite ’71ers always joyfully treat our school friends well whenever they visit us from afar. Thus guests and hosts/hostesses would have good times together, feeling happy for and with one another (per  Men For and With Others).  However, for some of us – especially for our teachers — trips across the Pacific are now few and far in between.

Does that mean we cannot be happy for and with one another?

Wah Yan brothers, why don’t we respond positively to the email attached below the ===== line to support the sender. Both sides of this meaningful endeavour would feel happy for one another, that’s for sure!    

Talking about teachers, thanks to a classmate for this Chinese verse sent on Sep. 10, Teachers’ Day in Mainland China  ….

一支粉筆,  點撥知識王國的迷津

一塊黑板,  記下老師的無限深情

一個講台,  見證老師的艱辛

三尺教鞭,  指點通往理想的道路

         — 9月28 (台灣)教師節 —

       (… even though Miss Ho did not use any 教鞭 on any of us!)


So Happy Teachers’ Day!  孔子誕辰紀念日
Thank you ‘mates!  Health and happiness to  you all!


Simon 譚繼勝


PS — with a credit card, one can sponsor Miss Ho’s walk from anywhere in the world. Thanks again!

PPS – see photo of Miss Ho and her husband Mr Lee walking together last year.


From our Wah Yan teacher Miss Helen Ho:

On October 18, 2015, I will be participating in an annual walkathon for the third time to raise funds for Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) 「生命恩泉」. My goal is to raise $2,000 and I hope you can help me to reach the goal. Official (Canadian) electronic tax receipts will be issued for pledges of (CAD) $20 or above.

Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) 「生命恩泉」is a Chinese Catholic media evangelization ministry. Its multimedia productions inject positive energy in the society, and instill true life values and Christ’s love in people’s hearts. Its work reaches people across Canada and around the world through different media and channels, including television, radio, social media, bookstore and other evangelization events.  Please visit their website at www.FLL.cc  to learn more about them. 

This ministry receives no funding from the Church. It depends entirely on the generosity of donors and supporters. Most of its work is done by volunteers. I have been volunteering for this ministry for several years. The annual walkathon is one of their major fundraisers. 

Please support the meaningful work of FLL by sponsoring me. You can click on the link below to sponsor me by making an online donation:



God bless!

Helen Ho


(Copied from Miss Ho’s email of August last year. The info is still valid.)

For your information, one of the founders of Fountain of Love and Life, Paul Yeung, is a Kowloon Wah Yan alumnus.  He has since been the executive director of FLL.