45th Anniversary – Newsletter No. 6

To: Class of 1971 F.5 Graduates


Dear classmates (by bcc),

It is now less than three weeks before our 45th Anniversary Reunion. I am sure you are all set to come and enjoy the various activities which we OC have prepared for you (and your spouse where appropriate). Below is an updated progress report for your information:

1. Dinner is Ready on 12th Nov. (Sat.)…Please Come and Enjoy!

Ø The total no. of participants for the Reunion Dinner Party  is now 73, including 8 teachers/guests and 4 student helpers. Despite the fact that the majority of the reachable classmates have agreed to come, we still have a small no. of reluctant classmates and lost sheep – if possible, please help the OC to locate and ask them to join  since our 7 dinner tables still have some spots available if they choose to come.  A Programme Rundown for the party is attached for your reference.

Ø As regards the side programmes, both the Taiwan tour (14th – 19th Nov) and the golf day (10th Nov) are already full, whereas the Cheung Chau sea food lunch cum hiking (11th Nov) and the boat trip to Tung Lung Island (13th Nov) are still open, though prior registration is required to facilitate the booking of transport/meal in advance. (NB: For both the Reunion Dinner and the aforesaid two side programmes, please contact Chris Ng at [email protected] or 9013 6136 for registration, if you have not already done so.)  


2. Menu & Table Arrangement for the Reunion Dinner

Ø The OC plus some classmates did try the menu for the dinner, which will take the form of a buffet, at a restaurant operated by the caterer on 1st May (see photo attached) and make suitable recommendations thereon for improvement. A finalized menu is also enclosed for your advance viewing. We hope you all will find the food at the dinner party to your satisfaction. 

Ø In addition to the food served by the caterer, two of our wonderful classmates, namely Lo Kwok-sang and xxx xxx-xxx (the latter prefers to remain anonymous), have kindly offered to sponsor two kinds of homemade desserts (糯米滋 and 桂花糕, which the OC tried on 24th Aug and found most delicious – see photo attached) and three suckling pigs for the dinner (酒樓外賣乳豬全體三隻, which the OC also tried on the same day of 24th Aug and found very crispy and tasty). Many thanks to Kwok-sang and xxx-xxx.

Ø Another four wine-loving classmates have also kindly agreed to each sponsor 5 to 6 bottles of wine (red/white) for the dinner, namely David Chu, Lau Tai-chu, Ernie Tsui and Henry Tong.  Again, many thanks to them for their generosity. To add fun to the party, you are encouraged to bring along your own favourite wines to share with classmates. Any surplus to our requirement will be passed on for consumption in the ensuing side programmes.

Ø Table arrangement is a difficult and challenging task for the OC. However, given the fact that the dinner will be served in the form of a buffet, classmates can feel free to change seats with one another after the actual dining starts.  Detailed table arrangement can be found at the reception desk set up near the entrance to the venue (rooftop function room of the new School Hall of WYHK) on that day.


3. Our Champion Choirs are Ready 

Ø Both a men’s choir and a ladies’ choir have been set up under the distinguished choir-mastership of Alex Shuen and Jessica Ip (wife of Ip Fuk-wah) respectively. At the reunion party, the two choirs will each sing two songs about love and friendship. Moreover, it’s indeed our honour t o have Francis Hung to sing solo for us, with live music accompaniment by Sydney Chung (trumpet) and Hazel Hui (wife of Adrian Hui, keyboard chords). Please refer to the above-mentioned programme rundown for the sequence of the songs to be sung. Should you wish to join the choirs to sing aloud on stage, you are cordially invited to attend the two rounds of rehearsal scheduled as follows (please note that the final rehearsals on 12th Nov are compulsory):

Men’s choir: 29th Oct. (Sat.)      14:00-16:00

                        12th Nov. (Sat.)     13:00-15:00

Ladies choir: 29th Oct. (Sat.)      10:30-12:30

                         12th Nov. (Sat.)    12:00-13:30


4. Wah Yan has got Talent

Ø Apart from singing performances, Camillus Chan, our famous stand-up comedian whose performance five years ago during the last reunion dinner astonished us all, has kindly agreed to pre-record a similar video talkshow for its world premiere at the coming party. It will surely be one of the highlights for the evening – don’t miss it!


5. Those-were-the-days Photos 

Ø In response to our recent appeal for old photos from classmates for sharing at the party, we have received many memorable photos sent to us via whatsapp or by emails (including school-day photos, wedding and family photos). Should you wish also to share some of yours, please email them to Anthony Kwan at akwan21 @ yahoo.com.hk. 


6. Surplus from Reunion Activities 

Ø As you may be aware, the enrolment fee charged for dinner this time at HK$700 is much lower than that of HK$1,200 charged last time for the 40th Anniversary. Hence, no surplus of funds is expected for donation to WY. Besides, the idea of arranging an auction of items of artwork and wines donated by classmates, though once brought up for discussion at OC meetings, was eventually withdrawn due to lack of support. Nevertheless, some WYHKPSA souvenir items (at 50% mark-up prices) will be put up for sale at the reception desk on 12th Nov. Besides, a donation box will also be placed on the reception desk to collect voluntary donations, if any. All profits from the WYHKPSA souvenir items and all donations will be paid over to “Wah Yan College, Hong Kong” afterwards. If we can collect more than HK$10,000.00 from the said sale/donation box, we will “purchase a star” from the Wall of Stars on the ground level of the new School Hall with the following words engraved on it to serve as a tribute to our alma mater and also to commemorate the celebration of our 45th Anniversary Reunion. In fact, these wordings are similar to those adopted in the crystal plaque already presented to Fr. Deignan by Daniel Mak, Chris Ng and me on the occasion of our attending the Birthday Party for Jesuit Fathers at WYK on 15th Oct. (see photos attached). Sincerely hope you all will support and contribute generously to this cause:-


In commemoration of our 45th Anniversary Reunion,


                  Like the spring breeze and rain,

                  Nurture our young minds to think.


                                                 Class of ‘71 F.5 Graduates

                                                          Nov. 12, 2016


Ø For all the other reunion activities, any surplus or deficit of funding identified will be refunded to / borne by the participants on an equal-sharing basis.


7. Dress Code for Classmates and Better Half 

Ø The dress code for the reunion dinner is smart casual, except that you are required to wear a ribbon bearing a name tag with your name for ease of identification by the guests and teachers.  For your better half, any dress (even jeans) matching you will be good enough. 

Ø As for all four side programmes, sports shoes with comfortable outdoor clothes will be fine. 


8. Golfing on Kau Sai Chau in Sai Kung, 10th Nov. (Thurs.)

Ø While all 12 golfer places for 3 flights have already been taken up, classmates/non-golfers are cordially invited to join the golfers for seafood dinner at Sai Kung town at around 7:30pm after the golf tournament; venue to be decided by Simon Cheng (’72), who is also one of the golfers on that day. Register now with Chris Ng at [email protected] or 9013 6136 if you want to dine with the golfers.

Ø For golfers, please also take note of the following details provided by Peter Lo and contact him direct at [email protected] or +852 9084 6222 if you want more information.

Meet-up point – 10:00am at Kau Sai Chau ferry pier, Sai Kung, to take the 10:20am ferry to KSC

Tee off time – at 12:27pm, 12:36pm and 12:45pm

Seafood dinner – at 7:30pm


9.Outing to Cheung Chau Island with Hiking & Seafood Lunch, 11th Nov. (Fri.)

Ø  A total of 23 classmates and family members have already registered and some spots are still available. Don’t miss the beautiful scenery of Cheung Chau Island and the excellent seafood lunch arranged for that day. Details are as follows. Register now with Chris Ng at [email protected] or 9013 6136 if you have not already done so.

Time:            8:30am to around 3:15pm              


8:30am – 9:00am      Meet at Central Ferry Pier (No. 5)

9:00am – 10:00am    Ferry from Central to Cheung Chau

10:00am – 12:00pm  Hiking in Cheung Chau Island

12:00pm – 1:30pm    Lunch at seafood restaurant — tasty and fresh seafood at reasonable prices *

1:30pm – 2:15pm      Shopping near pier for souvenirs and 土產 of Cheung Chau

2:15pm – 3:15pm      Ferry back to Central (those who want to stay longer on the island can return at their own time)

* Fee around $350 for seafood lunch. Fee does not include ferry toll ($19.30 for deluxe class).

    For more details of activity, please contact Chris Ng.


10. Boat Trip to Tung Lung Island, 13th Nov. (Sun.)

Ø A total of 20 classmates and family members have registered for this outing, which will start with a tea gathering at Taikoo Shing followed by a short boat trip from Sai Wan Ho to Tung Lung Island and hiking in the scenic vicinity, and end with (optional) enjoying a bowl of 坑腩河/魚蛋麵 in Shau Ki Wan upon return in the afternoon. Details are as follows. Register now with Chris Ng at [email protected] or 9013 6136 if you have not already done so.

Time:            8:30am to around 3:15pm              


8:30am – 9:45am       Tea gathering at Jade Garden, City Plaza Phase 3, Taikoo Shing

9:45am – 10:15am     Stroll along the waterfront to Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier

10:30am – 11:10am   Ferry from Sai Wan Ho to Tung Lung Island *

11:10am – 2:30pm     Hiking in Tung Lung Island

2:30pm – 3:10pm       Ferry back to Sai Wan Ho (those who want to stay longer on the island can choose to take the return ferry at 4:00pm or 5:30pm)

* Ferry toll ($55.00 per round trip).

    For more details of activity, please contact Chris Ng.


11. Taiwan Tour, 14th to 19th Nov. (Mon. - Sat.)

Ø A total of 30 classmates and family members (up to the full capacity) have enrolled and paid up for this tour. Caesar Chan, our captain for this tour, has already made the necessary hotel and air flight bookings and is still fine-tuning on the eateries and scenic spots. A draft itinerary has been sent to the tour members before and further details will be provided by Caesar direct in due course. Meanwhile, please note the following assemble time and location prior to departure for Taiwan:

a)     Assemble Timing – KA432 Group

The 21 classmates and family members who will travel KA432 (Hong Kong – Kaohsiung 0855-1020) on 14th Nov 2016 (Mon) will assemble at Dragon Air Counter in Aisle H, Terminal 1, H.K. Int’l Airport at 0700 hr.  Air tickets have been sent to your email account and you are advised to carry out online check-in.  If you pay $6400, you are in this group.

b)     Assemble Timing – Non-KA432 Group

If you pay $4900 only, you are supposed to meet us in the Arrival Hall, G/F, Kaohsiung Int’l Airport at 1100 hr on 14th Nov 2016 (Mon).  If you happen to fly in the same flight, please make reference to para. (a) above.

c)     A short itinerary is as follows: Taitung台東 (in 14th, out 16th Nov); Tainam 台南(in 16th, out 18th Nov); Kaohsiung高雄(in 18th, out 19th Nov). 


12. Enrollment Log (omitted in the event website for privacy)

Ø An updated enrollment log for the reunion dinner and the four side programmes is attached for your reference. You can check and see if any of your good buddies have already registered in any of the reunion activities. However, for the sake of privacy, this log will not be uploaded as an attachment to our class web-site.

Wish you all a very enjoyable and memorable reunion time next month. For those returning from overseas, hope you will find that the hefty expenses you incur in coming back is “money well spent”.



Best Regards,


Henry Tong

Convenor, 45th Anniversary OC

Mobile: +852 9103 7292

25 Oct 2016