Marathon 2013

Marathon 2013

Dear Wahyanites,

Greetings from The Wah Yan One Family Foundation! We would like to report to you our progress thus far. As at end of March 2012, we had raised $94 million for the Dream of Wah Yan Campaign. Since 2009, more than $32 million has been appropriated to the two Wah Yan Colleges to implement small class teaching, teacher formation and whole person development activities for our young Wahyanites.

Under the new 3-3-4 secondary school curriculum, our Schools need much more resources to provide extra care and support to help our senior form students cope with the requirements of the new public examination, The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (香港中學文憑). The Foundation is going to appropriate $7.5 million each year to help our Schools sustain our Dream for our young boys in the next five years. Nonetheless this is not enough, because our Schools have estimated that they need around $13 million each year in the coming years.

Facing this imminent need, the Foundation will set out to raise more fund to continue our support to the Schools. The highlight of our fundraising initiatives this year is the Alan Tam WYOFF Fundraising Concert, scheduled to be held on Saturday, 22ndDecember 2012 at Hall 5B&C, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Mr. Alan Tam Wing Lun, Hong Kong’s top pop artiste, will perform with our alumni and boys to help Wah Yan. We need you and your classmates to support the Concert, so that we can raise as much as possible for our young boys.

We have also revamped our website recently. Now please click: to view the reports from Fr Deignan and our Principals on the needs of our Schools. Meanwhile, please circulate this message to your Schoolmates to alert them that we need to work closer together to help our young Wahyanites. We will visit you and your classmates to explain the detail soon.

Thank you and your selfless support means everything for the good of Wah Yan!

Best wishes,


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