60th Birthday Celebrations Week – Newsletter 3

Dear all classmates (by bcc),

We are only five weeks away from our celebrations and it is with excitement that I write to update you on the latest developments in the planning and implementation of our 60th Birthday Celebrations as follows;

a. Guests of Honor — It is with great pleasure that I wish to inform you that the new WYHK principal, Dr. So Ying Lun, an alumnus of the 1977 cohort, has accepted our invitation to come to our gala dinner to share with us his vision and mission of WY whilst under his charge. This is likely his maiden speech outside WY since appointment to the principal post in mid-Oct. So, don’t miss this opportunity to meet and greet the new principal and hear his views. His self-introduction is in the link below;


Also our beloved Father Deignan, who was sick the day before our last reunion in 2011, has agreed to come and share some words of wisdom with the kids he once taught. Even for local classmates, many have not met him for quite some time/years. Please come and say hello to the aging principal of our time who is now over 90 and the only surviving Father who has taught us.

Our thanks also go to Ip Fuk Wah for agreeing to provide transport for the two Guests of Honor to and from the venue, and to Andrew Ng Yiu Man for donating another two sets of better wine to them as gifts from our class.

b. Cost of Gala Dinner and Penalty– Since the quotation from the caterer is higher than expected ($400 pax. for a lobster but no shark’s fin dinner) and because of the coming of the two Guests of Honor above, the Working Committee has agreed to spend more on food and decorations. Thus participants will have to pay $500 pax. at the door, a bit more than the $400 as originally planned. However, the increase is offset by unlimited free wine, a free souvenir for everyone and table prizes for those lucky ones. So, you are actually getting more value for your money.

I hope you will not mind this increase but if you want to drop out because of this, please let Chris Ng know before 31 Oct.. Since we have to confirm with the caterer a week ahead the no. of participants, if you fail to turn up at the dinner without cancelling your registration, those present will have to pay for your share of wasted food. As a penalty, these classmates will each be required to donate $500 to the General Fund of the class.

c. Donation of Table Prizes — Since the gala dinner is a birthday party, we hope participants can take home some gifts, apart from the official souvenir donated by Cheng Lap Yan. You are therefore invited to consider donating some small gifts as table prizes. If you value the virtue of giving, please let me or Chris Ng know in advance the type of gift (value does not matter) you will be taking to the gala dinner. Overseas classmates are particularly welcome to donate any products from their country not commonly available in HK. Any no. of gifts is welcome but six is preferred so that there is one for each table. James Cheung Tin Chung has taken the lead and agreed to donate six packs of Chinese tea.

d. Appointment of Auditor –– Despite the fact that the total collection for the entire celebrations is less than HK $150,000, to ensure that every dollar spent/saved is accounted for, Alex Shuen Pak Chin, a certified accountant, has agreed to be our auditor. ( I have tried to convince Henry Tong Wai Kong to take up this job, as recommended by some classmates, but failed.)

e. China Trip –– The itinerary for the trip has been fixed and participants will be informed of the details shortly. Since Peter Law Kee Leung will not be able to join the trip, Ip Fuk Wah has agreed to assume the role of trip leader and will distribute more info. to participants of the trip nearer the time. So, you are in the good hand of a former WY teacher and I am sure as a former WY student, you will listen to and obey his orders at least during the trip.

If you do not plan to do any shopping or enjoy a foot or body massage during your free time, there is no need for you to bring along any money to the trip since everything will be paid for. We’ll still have some spare money from your contribution and we aim to use them wisely (paying for some snacks on the high speed train/coach, a coffee/beer after dinner, instant group photo at scenic spots, etc.) to make your trip even more enjoyable and comfortable. Any money left to the General Fund of the class is just a bonus and not a must.

As indicated earlier, we need volunteers to each take no more than two bottles of wine across the border for consumption during the China trip. If you are willing to help, please bring a strong bag to the gala dinner.

f. MC of the Gala Dinner and Performances–  Philip Woo Siu Lun, our MC for the reunion, has agreed to assume the same role again in our gala dinner. If you have any joke/news about our classmates which you want to share, or would like to sing, dance or perform anything during the dinner, please let me and him know.

g. Photographers — You will be pleased to know that Anthony Kwan Lok Fong and Cheng Lap Yan, will be taking photos for you during the week. Please let them know during the celebrations if you have any special request.

h. Invitation of Past Teachers — This proposal has been considered by the Working Committee but found inappropriate and decided against.

i. Tim Ho Wan Dim-Sum Lunch –– Because of favorable comments from the last reunion, a room has been booked for lunch from 12 noon to 2:30 pm on Fri. 8 Nov. at this one star Michelin rest. in SSP. (添好运点心专门店  香港深水埗福榮街9-11號地下 电话:+852 2788 1226) Cost, between $100 to $150, will be shared equally among participants and if you want to join, please email Chris Ng with a copy to me before Fri. 25 Oct. After lunch, the ladies can go shopping and men can stroll Ap Liu St. and Golden Computer Centre to buy electronic and computer gadgets before meeting again at the reception of the gala dinner at City U. in the evening. A program rundown of which will be published later.

With your participation and co-operation, I am sure we’ll have a most enjoyable and memorable 60th birthday party. If you or your closer classmates have not enrolled for the celebrations, pl. do contact me or any member of the Working Committee asap before all spaces are taken up. Thank you.


Daniel Mak
for the Working Committee