60th Birthday Celebrations Week – Newsletter 4

Dear all classmates (by bcc),

We are now only 3 weeks away from our Celebrations and everything is ready to welcome you. The following are some further news about our preparations and latest developments;

a. Program Run-down for Gala Dinner — We’ll begin our gala dinner on Fri., 8 Nov. with a reception at 5:30 pm, group photo at 7:30 pm, dinner at 8 pm and party to end at around 11 pm. We cannot wait for you if you are late for taking the group photo since all guests will be there and we don’t want to delay the dinner. So, please be punctual at least for this item. A more detailed program run-down for the entire evening is attached. Please also have your dinner fee of $500 per person ready for collection at the door. Name and address of the venue are 城軒中菜廳  九龍塘城市大學康樂樓8  Tel: 3442-8163.  If you drive, parking is available only after 6 pm at a nominal rate of $20 for 4 hours at the City U. car-park.

b. Dress Code — Dress code for the gala dinner is smart casual. No tie, jeans, shorts or sandals alike. No dress code for the China trip and seafood dinner. You can wear or not wear anything.

c. Seating Arrangement — For the gala dinner, apart from our two Guests of Honor and some Working Committee members who will sit at the Head Table, all classmates and family members are free to take any seat at any table. Free seating for the China trip and seafood dinner too.

d. Wine Controller — Lau Tai Chu, a wine expert, has agreed to be our wine controller for the entire week of Celebrations. So, you can be assured that suitable wine will be aired, chilled and paired with our food for every meal. For China trip volunteers (including those SZ day trip goers), please remember to collect 2 bottles from him before you leave the gala dinner and bring them along to China for consumption.

e. Registration for Gala and Seafood Dinners – Registration for both dinners will close on Thurs., 31 Oct. If you have not cancelled your enrollment for the gala dinner by then, it will be assumed that you are coming and the caterer informed accordingly. If you fail to appear, the food reserved for you will be wasted but you have to pay for it. The growing lists of enrolled participants for both dinners as well as China trip are attached.

f. Seafood Dinner on Fri., 15 Nov. — For those who have registered, reception with red and white wine will start from 6:30 pm and dinner will begin at 7:30 pm. Again the name and address of the rest. are Paramount Banquet Hall  香港仔百樂門宴會廳 ) 香港仔南寧街香港仔中心第51F  Tel: 2884-9088. If you drive, parking is available at Aberdeen Centre at half price, i.e. $10 an hour with a receipt from the rest..

g. Tim Ho Wan Dim-Sum Lunch on Fri., 8 Nov. — Registration will close on Fri., 25 Oct. or as soon as the remaining 2 seats are filled. Pl. email Chris Ng if you are interested so that sufficient special dim-sum can be ordered beforehand. Lunch will be served at 12:30 pm but our table on 1/F is available from 12 noon to 2:30 pm. Cost is between $100 to $150 pax. and will be shared equally among all participants. Again the name and address of the rest. is 添好運點心專門店  香港深水埗福榮街9-11號地下  電話: 2788-1226.

h. 4-day China Trip — The initial details of the trip have been emailed to all goers. If you are a goer but have not received them, please let me or Ip Fuk Wah know asap. Another email of more details will be sent out shortly. If you have a HK or China mobile tel. no. or both, pl. send it/them to Ip Fuk Wah for easy communication before and during the trip.

i. Photo-taking and Uploading to Class Website — You are welcome to take along your camera or phone to take photos. All better photos taken by the two class photographers, Lap Yan and Anthony Kwan, will be uploaded onto the class website subsequently for your own selection and downloading. You can also pass your photos to Anthony for uploading after the event.

j. Appeal for Table Prizes — We now have three table prizes for the lucky draw at the Gala Dinner. If you like to give too, pl. let me and Chris know and take them along to the Gala Dinner.

Unless there are unexpected significant news or changes, this is the final newsletter to classmates. If you have not registered but want to come to the dim-sum lunch, gala or seafood dinner, it is not too late. Register with Chris Ng now. If you have other Q., please email or call me (67079653) or Ip Fuk Wah (91799570) direct.

For classmates coming from overseas, have a pleasant flight to HK and be prepared to enjoy a week long celebrations with your classmates here. For those in HK and as hosts, please take the time to welcome classmates from overseas and make them feel at home. To all of you, hope you will love and enjoy the programs which members of the Working Committee (including Chris Ng, Patrick Chan, Caesar Chan, Ip Fuk Wah, Anthony Kwan, Peter Law and Alex Shuen) as well as supporting classmates (including Andrew Ng, Cheng Lap Yan, Lau Tai Chu, Philip Woo, etc.) have for the past 6 months meticulously planned for you. Let’s hope we all find this Celebration Week another memorable event in our life, just like the 2011 Reunion two years ago!

See you soon at the dim-sum lunch, gala dinner, 4-day China trip or seafood dinner, or hopefully all of them!


for the Working Committee