OBITUARY: Fr. Anthony Farren, S.J.

Dear Students and Friends of Fr. Anthony Farren, S.J.,

Our beloved Fr. Anthony Farren, S.J. went to God at 12:30am on 26 Dec., Irish time. He died very peacefully. The family has requested him be buried in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal.

The Jesuit community in Hong Kon will be offering a Memorial Mass for Fr. Farren at St. Ignatius Chapel, Wah Yan College, Kowloon (56, Waterloo Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon) on 13 January, 2016 (Wed) at 7:30pm.

[forwarded from, 2015.12.27 – Gary Ching ’86 post]


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Father Anthony Farren – In Loving Memory

Sharing from Ms Helen Ho, retired teacher of YHK, Toronto

If your Class71 wish to put my comments on your blog, here are a little more on Fr Farren.

A student of Class 75 visited Fr Farren in the summer of 2015 and sent me a photo.  I must say I could hardly recognise Fr Farren in it.  In my mind, his image is a chubby and jolly Jesuit.  What I remember most about him is his ‘perpetual’ smiles.

When I visited Fr Foley in Galway in 2002, Fr Farren, who was residing in the same church, happened to be away.  In 2006, I visited Fr Foley in the nursing home for Jesuits in Dublin.  Fr Farren was not in Dublin then.  Again, I missed meeting him.

From the articles written by Dr Au Lok Man, I come to know more about Fr Farren and his holiness.  In 2012, he replied to Au’s question “Are you afraid of death?” with the following.   “I am not afraid of death as it is the door to eternal life.   But, as I draw nearer to death, I am more worried about the many people who don’t know God.  I will leave this world with hope, but what will  these others leave with?”  What a big heart Fr Farren had!

I am sure Fr Farren is in “the happiest place” enjoying the company of His Lord and God!


Helen Ho
Jan 2016

[Forwarded from Simon Tam, WYHK ’71, Toronto]