45th Year Anniversary – Newsletter No. 2

(Note: This email is distributed by Chris Ng on behalf of Henry Tong.)

Dear classmates  (by bcc),   

Further to my first email of Dec. 9, 2015, I wish to inform you all that we have held the first formal Organizing Committee (OC) meeting recently and passed the following resolutions in relation to the preparations for the 45th Anniversary Reunion:

a)     The OC is now officially formed, with Henry Tong as the Convenor (instead of the originally proposed Deputy chairman) and other members as follows, and for Daniel Mak to take up the new post of Honorary chairman (rather than his previous title of Consultant/Advisor).

Honorary chairman:        Daniel Mak (to act as the figurehead and perform ceremonial duties)

OC roles

Convenor:                           Henry Tong (to convene OC meetings and coordinate work within the OC)

Secretary:                           Chris Ng   

Treasurer:                           Alex Shuen  

Wah Yan coordinator:     Ip Fuk-wah   

Catering coordinator:      Patrick Chan   

Tour coordinator:             Caesar Chan   

Golf coordinator:              Peter Lo  

IT coordinator:                  Anthony Kwan


Non-OC roles

Catering advisor:               Samuel Hui

Music directors:                Alex Shuen / Jessica Ip (spouse of Ip Fuk-wah)

Hiking organizer:              Henry Tong

Seafood helpers:               Bob Lau / Ip Fuk-wah

Photo crew:                        2 Student helpers from the Photography Club of WYHK


b)    The dates for the following reunion week activities are now fixed, though further detailed arrangements are yet to be worked out and announced for information in due course:


  • Date of the 45th Anniversary Reunion Dinner Party is set on Nov. 12, 2016 (Sat.).  (For all to attend.)
  •  There will be some activities both before and after the main day as last time.  (To join based on individual preferences.)     


Day -2:     Pre-reunion golf day (Fanling – for golf lovers and fans only)


Day -1:     Pre-reunion seafood lunch in Cheung Chau (with some pre-lunch light hiking)   


Day  1:      Reunion day

(Sat.)         Venue: Wah Yan Hong Kong, in the roof-top function room with garden annex of the new School Hall   

                     4:00 pm reception starts                                                                                                              

                     5:30 pm group photo-taking   

                     6:00 pm party commences — to sing School Song altogether followed by some speeches for 15 minutes 

                     6:15 pm – 7:15 pm auction sale of items (e.g. wines, artwork, calligraphy …) contributed by classmates with all proceeds donated to the school, some entertainment programmes to follow (e.g. slideshow of class gathering photos, talk show, songs …)  

                     7:15 pm buffet dinner, ends at around 8:45 pm (with more talk show, songs … intermittently after the first 30 minutes of eating)

                     8:45 pm to sing Auld Lang Syne altogether whilst the guests and teachers are leaving the premises


Day  2:      Post-reunion half-day boat trip from Sai Wan Ho to Tung Lung Chau (“dim sum” gathering at Taikoo Shing followed by an outing to the island)*

(Sun.)        / Rest day for non-participants


Day  3-7:  Short tour to Taiwan

(Mon. to Fri.)

            *An extra activity proposed by Henry Tong for consideration and endorsement at the next OC meeting to be held on Mar. 12, 2016 (Sat.) in WYHK,  

              specially designed for the “still young and energetic” classmates who don’t need a rest day after the Reunion dinner party.        

Meanwhile, an inspection visit has been made to the venue in WYHK; it’s considered an ideal place for holding our coming Reunion, thanks to the kindness of our alma mater in renting out the school premises for our use again this time. Also, quotations are being called from two prospective caterers for evaluation, pending the outcome of which the amount of enrolment fee per head (estimated to be in the range of HK$600-$800 only) for the dinner party can be ascertained and incorporated into an enrolment form for distribution to all classmates to invite early enrolment. As regards the short tour to Taiwan, our Tour coordinator Caesar Chan is currently working out details of the journey to be taken; in this regard, he even contemplates making a pre-tour visit to Taiwan sometime in April (my spouse and I will likely join if embarked upon in late April, after my daughter’s finishing her 2016 DSE exams) with a view to facilitating his planning work, which somehow reflects the discreetness and seriousness we OC members attach to our work for the benefit of all participating classmates.

As a former classmate of ours and in order to help us with our preparatory work, you are earnestly requested to favour us with a reply, if you have not yet done so before, on whether you (and your spouse, where appropriate) will join the 45th Anniversary celebration to be held later this year (before we send out the enrolment form and advise you on the payment procedure). Your indication of interest so given will help us estimate more accurately the total no. of likely participants in the Reunion dinner and thus avoid a misjudgment of the response rate from our buddies, be it warm, lukewarm or cold… towards the holding of such an event.  So many thanks indeed!

Besides, any comments or suggestions which you may have on the reunion activities to be held are most welcome! 

Wish you all good health and good luck in the “Year of the Monkey”!

Best regards,

Henry Tong

Convenor,45th Anniversary OC
28 Jan 2016.