45th Anniversary – Newsletter No. 4 – Taiwan Trip 20161114-19

Taiwan Trip 20161114-19

Dear classmates (by bcc),
This is the fourth email from me regarding our coming 45th Anniversary Reunion activities in Nov.  I am pleased to inform you that our veteran tour leader Caesar Chan has planned a detailed initial itinerary for the captioned trip, which will take place from 14 Nov. (Mon.) to 19 Nov. (Sat.). The itinerary is set out below for your ease of reference. On this itinerary, you can see that we will be going to places including 台東, 台南 and 高雄, and depart for Hong Kong by 1505 hours on the last day:


 14/11/2016 星期一


KA 432 0855-1050

/KA 452 0800-0820 (preferred)

高雄至台東  巴士

午餐 往台東路上

晚飯 台東市 



15/11/2016 星期二

早餐 酒店

台東 郊遊 漁港,米鄉,

午餐 成功漁港

晚飯  台東市



16/11/2016 星期三

早餐 酒店


午餐 窰鷄店


晚飯 度小月店

住 台南的酒店


17/11/2016 星期四

早餐 酒店







18/11/2016 星期五


佛光山 佛祖博物館

午餐 佛光山素食


晚飯 東港漁港


住高雄 ??酒店


19/11/2016  星期六

早餐 酒店



午餐 ?

高雄 至香港

KA 437 1505-1640   (preferred)

/KA 455 1905-2035 


2.     Meanwhile, Caesar is checking with his agent to confirm the air fare and a bus driver in Taiwan for our coach.  

3.     Kindly note that all air tickets will be centralized to be bought by the OC unless individual group members wish to fly out from Taiwan towards the end of the tour.

4.     The preferred outbound by 0800 flight and inbound by 1505 will still need to be confirmed with the travel agent.

5.     When Caesar (currently on tour in China) has the price of the tour confirmed, he will inform us soonest.

6.     For those of our participants returning from overseas, see if the above information could facilitate flight bookings from your home country to Hong Kong and back.

7.     Should you have any questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Henry Tong

Convenor, 45th Anniversary OC

31 May 2016

(Note: This email is distributed by Chris Ng on behalf of Henry Tong.)