45th Anniversary – Newsletter No. 5 – Interim reminder for enrollment

June 12, 2016

Class of 1971 Graduates


Dear classmates,


No Free Souvenir for Late Enrollment –

45th Anniversary Reunion Dinner


This is the fifth email from me regarding our coming 45th Anniversary Reunion activities in Nov. It has been more than a month since my third email of May 7 appealing to you all, my dear fellow classmates, for registering early for the reunion dinner party to be held on November 12. According to the latest enrollment statistics prepared by Chris Ng (see the table attached), only a total of 35 classmates/family members have enrolled by now, much less than our target of 70 as compared to the actual figure of 102 recorded last time in 2011. Given the less-than-satisfactory response, I am sending you this interim reminder to appeal to you again to enroll before the cut-off date of June 30 (now agreed by the Organizing Committee to be extended to July 15) as stipulated on the enrollment form.


As an encouragement to those of our classmates who enroll on or before the extended cut-off date, a souvenir of Traveler’s Adaptor (see the pictures attached), which bears our reunion logo, will be given out for free when they come to attend the dinner gathering in Nov. But for those of you who choose to ignore our reminder and only manage to get enrolled after July 15, you will have to pay a price of HK$100 for each Traveler’s Adaptor if you still want one, with all such proceeds going to the donation account for the school afterwards. Moreover, we the OC have decided that we are not going to entertain any request for enrollment one month after the extended cut-off date, i.e. August 15 unless sound reasons are given by classmates for their belated action, e.g. change of e-mail address not yet notified, lost sheep now found, etc.


I would also like to take this opportunity to provide you with further information on the various reunion activities listed earlier in our reunion programme, as follows (with the names of responsible classmates within brackets):

  1. Golf (Peter Lo): Green fee payable is HK$550. Extra charge for using golf cart is $150 per head, and $300 for hiring a caddy.
  2. Taiwan Trip (Caesar Chan): The 6-day itinerary has been finalized (see the detailed list attached). Besides, there is a capacity constraint of 30 places for the tour group and so far 24 have already been taken up. We will continue to adopt a “first come, first serve” basis to allocate the remaining 6 places, with priority given to those classmates returning from overseas.


<<If you are yet to enroll, please refer to the following two paragraphs extracted from my third email for your necessary action:


        For enrollment, please fill in the attached enrollment form and return it by email to Chris Ng ([email protected]) in the first place and then proceed to pay your enrollment fee by depositing the required amount to Alex Shuen’s account with the Hang Seng Bank Ltd., HK. As documentary proof of your payment so made, please retain your bank-in or remittance slip and have a copy thereof sent also by email to Alex Shuen ([email protected]), together with a copy of your completed enrollment form – the latter would help clearly identify your payment.


        Apart from the reunion dinner, and in order to provide more opportunities for getting together with old buddies, we have also organized a no. of pre-reunion/post-reunion activities (please refer to the reunion programme at Appendix), including golfing at Fanling, Cheung Chau outing, a boat tour to Tung Lung Island, and a tour of 6 days to the southern part of Taiwan. You are most welcome to join these activities as well – if you are interested, please tick the appropriate box(es) on the enrollment form for us to have a preliminary assessment on the likely no. of participants for individual activities; you will be provided with further details in due course. >>


Please feel free to contact me (+852 9103 7292 or [email protected]) or Chris (+852 9013 6136 or [email protected]) if you have questions.


Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on the Big Day!


Yours sincerely,

Henry Tong

Convenor, 45th Anniversary OC

12 June 2016


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Enrollment Form 45 Anniversary R01 (Revised on 12 Jun 2016)