20170115 Voice of Wah Yan 2017 Fundraising Pop-Singing Contest

Greetings from the Foundation!

Following the implementation of small class teaching (SCT) in the two Wah Yans since 2008/2009, our Schools have been progressing well in terms of academic performance and character formation. To name but a few, our DSE and other open examinations results are continuously improving (on par with other Grant Schools and able to yield a top scorer of 7 x 5**), whilst our School Choirs and Athletic Teams have been winning top trophies in many inter-school and even worldwide contests.

Essentially, SCT has been able to provide more attention to our young Wahyanites, leading to a closer teacher-student bonding and mutual trust, and hence a higher learning morale and brotherhood, not only in the classroom but everywhere on campus and even outside Schools. Most importantly, you can see an immense fighting spirit for self-improvements and excellence among our students and teachers alike.

The Foundation is committed to support SCT and whole person development programmes for the two Wah Yans until 2019/2020, dishing out around HK$10 million+ each year. Thereafter the Schools would like to extend such initiatives for 5 more years. In other words, we need around $60 million to sustain these programmes. We are working hard on the fundraising plan to achieve this target. And we are rolling out the first fundraising initiative now – Voice of Wah Yan 2017, a Pop-singing Contest:

Event: Voice of Wah Yan 2017 Fundraising Pop-Singing Contest
Date: Sunday, 15 January 2017
Time: 1000-1500hrs (Qualifying Round for upto 24 entries); 1900-2200hrs (Final: 8 finalists)
Venue: School Hall, Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, 281 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong

Champion – $20,000 gift coupon and a Zeppelin Wireless Amplifier by Bowers & Wilkins
Second – $10,000 gift coupon and a Zeppelin Wireless Amplifier by Bowers & Wilkins
Third – $5,000 gift coupon and a Zeppelin Wireless Amplifier by Bowers & Wilkins
Best Performing Group – 1 Zeppelin Wireless Amplifier by Bowers & Wilkins

Enrolment Deadline: 5 December 2016
Fee: $30,000 per team (as donation to support SCT at the two Wah Yans, hence tax-deductible)

Music is an integral part of education at Wah Yan, where many Wahyanites have been able to voice out their emotions and thoughts, in solitude or through jamming with fellow schoolmates. Let’s join hand to keep these fighting spirit and brotherhood going, for it will empower our boys to pursue new heights in their studies and personal development. Enclosed please find the poster, enrolment/donation form and award images for perusal and disseminations to your students, parents, teachers and staff members and alumni. Enrol/donate now, we want to gather all of you to support the Schools!

Please call me on 9092 9433 if you need further information. See you all at the Voice. Thank you very much again for your support.

– 2016.11.02 – Monty Fong (WYOFF)
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