45th Anniversary – Newsletter No. 8

Dear fellow classmates of ’71 (by bcc),

Time flies. More than a month has lapsed since the 45th Anniversary Reunion Dinner held on Nov. 12, 2016 in our alma mater. Judging from the comments received from the participating guests, classmates and their spouses, the dinner party was a great success and everyone enjoyed it to the full. Vivid memory of the happy moments of togetherness can still be recalled based on the photos and videos taken on that day by different classmates which are now uploaded onto the class website at http://wahyanhk1971.org/photos/ . In this connection, while the enrolment fee of HKD 700 for the dinner was set at 42% lower than that of HKD1,200 charged for that of the 40th Anniversary back in 2011, we OC members have managed to contain the overall expenditure within budget and achieve a minimal surplus of HKD1,176.50, or 2.4% out of the total income of HKD49,300, even after making a nominal donation of HKD2,000 to the school in appreciation of the student helpers’ work in I.T. and photography on the Reunion Day. This somehow reflects the conscientiousness and care with which we OC have exercised in our budget estimation and expenditure control. Attached please find a finalized Income & Expenditure Statement of the 45th Anniversary Dinner, which has been cleared by the entire OC. As for the said small surplus, it has been agreed unanimously within the OC to transfer it to the Class Fund held by Patrick Chan (for meeting the recurrent expenses of maintaining our class website on the Internet as well as other ad-hoc ones, e.g. expenses on wreath ).

In addition to those sponsors mentioned in my華仁’71 45周年聚餐第七份通告 issued on Oct. 31, 2016, I’d like to thank Peter Lo for his sponsorship of a total of 7 bottles of wines for the golf day and the reunion dinner. I’d also like to give my thanks once again to all the choir members , singers and instrumentalists for their marvelous performances that evening, in particular to Francis Hung, Sydney Chung and Hazel Hui who delivered the song “First of May” so well. My appreciation also goes to all those overseas classmates, namely Camillus Chan, Simon Tam, Li Shing-fu and Li Shu-chuen, who participated in the live video-conferencing chats or provided us with their pre-recorded video messages beforehand, which were so well received by all the participants, and to all of my OC comrades, who had labored with me for months to get the job done.  

Last but not the least, a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you buddies and your spouses, where appropriate, for coming to join in the reunion last month.

Looking forward to seeing you all again in the year 2021, i.e. the 50th Anniversary, if not earlier.


With warmest regards,

Henry Tong

Convenor, 45th Anniversary OC

P.S. Meanwhile, as a separate exercise from the 45th Anniversary Reunion, I have been trying to call for donations to support my own initiative of procuring a star on the “Wall of Stars” in WYHK (consideration set by the school at HKD10,000 each) to mark the success of our 45th Anniversary Reunion in the name of Class ‘71 . Any donor with a contribution of HKD2,000 or more will be rewarded with a copy of the book entitled “Pictorial Memories of the Jesuits in HK from 1926 to 2016” newly published on Dec 3, 2016 (second reprinting still awaited) and purchased at my own expense. So far, I have already accumulated a total sum of HKD6,000 from my fellow Taiwan tour members, still with HKD4,000 to go. I hope YOU can help me achieve this humble target of mine. Haha!