20200131 Face masks donation to the needy

[Face masks donation to the needy]

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Dear Companions,

Happy Chinese New Year and hope you stay healthy!

As we all know, medical face masks are in great demand in light of the new coronavirus. Some shops are selling them at heightened prices. Those poor ones, which include our students and their families who are on welfare, and the socially disadvantaged ethnic minorities in HK, especially the younger ones (This is the population that our Anniversaries Social Service Group is aiming to serve) may be suffering more than others.

The two Wah Yans are suggesting a medical face masks donation campaign among our alumni, students, parents, and staff. Quantity is up to the donor’s discretion. From one mask to a box as long as they are wrapped and are of good quality.

In doing this, we are promoting the sharing of resources when we are facing a shortage. We believe this is the approach we should take along the spirit of 5 loaves and 2 fish. This is an excellent way for us to put our words into action – Women and Men for and with Others. It would also be a nice way to celebrate who we are during this anniversaries year.

We would like to do that before it is too late for us to make an effective contribution to those who are in need. So, if you are willing to donate, please send the mask(s) to the school in any way on or before 4 Feb. Our security guard, janitors or office staff are happy to help to collect them and our team will arrange the delivery to those in need as soon as possible.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Wah Yan College, Hong Kong & Wah Yan College, Kowloon
31 Jan 2020

[Source: Chop Suey – Wah Yan College Hong Kong memories]