20201017 Jesuit Education Forum 2020



Playback: https://www.wahyan.edu.hk/jef2020/jef-conference-playback.html

17 Oct 2020 (Sat)                8:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Venue:  Online

Millions around the world have counted themselves as grateful beneficiaries of Jesuit education.  Whether they are graduates of Wah Yan or Jesuit schools and universities elsewhere, one can sense, by listening to them proudly recalling their learning experiences, that there are unique attributes common to the education they have received during their formative years.

What are the special features of Jesuit education? How adaptable are the Jesuits to different cultural contexts as demonstrated in their history in China?  In what ways can Jesuit education respond to current challenges, including hyper-competition, increasing diversity of views, demands of the modern workplace, a world made ever restless by myriads of stimulations including the internet, and challenges faced by parents in connecting with their children?

The Forum is an invaluable opportunity for educators, parents, alumni, and students to learn from the insights of Jesuit Fathers, prominent  academics, experts, professional practitioners and Wahyanites on these intriguing yet important questions.


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